About The Regional Revival Tour........
In today’s world of endless wars, failing economies, corrupt politicians, rampant secularism and unbridled cultural perversions the Lord knows we need a fresh global move of the Holy Spirit. The world has a multitude of problems but God’s ultimate solution has always been to invade mankind with His grace and power through an awakened church. Revival is the cure of all man’s ills. 
SO, Get READY Alabama First Jurisdiction. Alabama First announces a VIRTUAL Jurisdiction Revival Tour! This will be a Virtual Worship Experience and will visit each of the regions in our jurisdiction, uniting the people of God in worship and praise as God's manifested Glory is poured out on each Virtual Live Stream like a refreshing rain! This Virtual tour is designed to unite the body of Christ and draw us closer together to fulfill the kingdom work and responsibilities that have been assigned to the Body of Christ through our Leader.  Let's join together now in advance seeking a mighty wave of revival and refreshing across our Jurisdiction.

Virtual Regional REVIval Tour